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Evergreen Has a Long History in Wisconsin Golf

Our original 18 holes at Evergreen Golf Club were built in 1973 by Mann Bros. Inc., the firm that also developed Evergreen Estates. Our layout was designed by Ken Killian and Dick Nugent of Chicago.
That first course was developed on 150 acres of what had been a dairy farm. The original clubhouse had previously been a restaurant. The original 18 consisted of the 9 holes of the South Course; the 1st and 9th of what is now the East Course; along with holes No. 1 through 5 and 8 and 9 on the North Course.

Then in 1993, the East Course was added to create the current 27-hole facility. The East Course opened for play on July 1, 1994, on 110 acres of the former Hartwell farm.
The 9-hole addition, designed by Gary Welsh, consisted of the current holes No. 2 through 8 on the East and Nos. 6 and 7 on the North. At that time the 55 home sites of the Rolling Green Estates were also created.

To better serve the many outing groups that come to play with us, we added a spacious outdoor pavilion and grill in 1998. The pavilion seats 200 guests.

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Our latest addition is a spacious new clubhouse, opened in May 2005. The facility includes a banquet area with seating up to 290 for dinners and 250 for weddings, as well as a new pub, pro shop and patio.

Our 27 holes offer you a variety of challenges that have primarily level terrain with some gentle knolls and mounds. But water and bunkers can create some sticky situations as well as our fairways thickly lined with trees.

Here are some highlights...

The North Nine
You start the North on a par-4, measuring 401 yards from the back and 372 from the far forward tees.
“ If you hit your tee shot to the left, it will get a kick off the hill, landing to the right, and set you up for a 9-iron or wedge to the green,” Bill Rogers, GM said. “But if you hit right, you will end up with a side-hill lie and have a bad second shot, trying to hit from right to left. Part of the problem is that the green is guarded on the right by water.”

You'll also need a good tee shot on the par-3 3rd (206 yards from the back tees and 140 from the front). From the back, you'll hit a long iron into the well-bunkered green.
On the par-5 4th (505 yards from the back and 402 from the front), it's critical to hit a straight drive off the tee.

“ The big hill that causes trouble on No. 1 is also in play on the 4th,” said Bill Rogers, GM.If you go to far left, you'll be out-of-bounds. In addition, you're going uphill almost all the way to the green. “It's a blind second shot,” Bill Rogers, GM said. “You can't see anything until you get up the hill. Although some players can get there in two shots from the white (middle) tees. The prevailing wind is usually downwind on this hole.”

Another popular hole is the 8th, a par-4 risk-reward opportunity, measuring 331 yards from the back tees and 300 from the front. Big hitters try to drive the green here. “But a miss-hit ball can get you in trouble here,” Bill Rogers, GM said. “There is out-of-bounds on the left and bunkers right. You can turn an easy par-4 into a bogey.”

Distances, ratings and slopes on the par-36 North: 3,155 yards from the blue (35.4/126); 3,019 from the white (34.8/124); 2,747 from the red (36.1/124).

The South Nine

The par-5 3rd hole (519 yards from the back and 419 from the front) offers an intriguing choice for big hitters: “You have to decide whether to try to hit over a creek that runs through the middle of the fairway,” said Bill Rogers, GM. “It can be done on your drive, but you need a straight hit of about 225 yards off the tee. Otherwise you had better lay up.”

If you can hit over the creek, it will take a long and accurate 3-wood to get into the green, which is slightly elevated. It's well-bunkered on the front, left and right sides.

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According to Bill Rogers, GM, the toughest hole on the nine is No. 6 South, a par-4 measuring 451 yards from the back and 327 from the front. Hit your tee shot to the middle of the fairway and keep it straight because water can come into play on the right on your second shot if you go too far to the right. The green is receptive and big enough to hold your approach shot.

The 9th on the South is a par-4 (407 yards from the back and 325 from the front) that requires a straightforward tee shot. “You can hit the water off the tee,” Bill Rogers, GM said. “So it might be better to lay up. Then you'll have a 150 to 170 yard second shot over water to a green that slopes away from you.”
Distances, ratings and slopes on the par-36 South: 3,386 yards from the blue (35.4/130); 3,151 from the white (35.2/126); and 2,688 from the red (35.4/122).

East Course

The East Course is a little shorter than the others, but still has lots of excitement.
The 3rd hole is a double dogleg par-4 (44 yards from the back and 413 from the front) that “requires using some judgment off the tee,” said Bill Rogers, GM. “Are you going to hit driver or should you use an iron?”
With your second shot you have to carry a creek in front of the green and avoid trees on the right-hand side.

The 9th, a par-4 measuring 415 yards from the back and 374 from the front, is an outstanding hole, according to Bill Rogers, GM. “You need a well-struck straight drive to get far enough along to get a good view for your second shot. On the second shot, water can be in play on the left and lots of bunkers on the right.”

Distances, ratings and slopes on the par-35 East: 3,151 yards from the blue (35.5/124); 2,941 from the white (34.6/120); 2,596 from the red (35.2/118).

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